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Founded in 1946, Astria Sunnyside Hospital became an affiliate of non-profit Astria Health in September 2017. With 25 beds, it is a critical access hospital that also operates a series of primary care clinics and provider-based specialty clinics, and receives additional support from a network of Astria Health primary and specialty care clinics throughout Yakima County. The hospital offers a 24-hour level 4 emergency room, an intensive care unit, a level 1 cardiac facility, a cancer center, and a family birth center. Services include laboratory work, inpatient surgery, nephrology (kidney care), wound care, hyperbaric therapy, hearing and speech assessment and therapy, nutritional education, and behavioral health care. The hospital also provides people living and working throughout the Yakima Valley region with advanced diagnostic services such as MRI, digital mammography and 3-D obstetrical ultrasound.

The hospital is a tax-exempt, nonprofit facility and is an affiliate of Astria Health. An unpaid board of trustees governs the hospital. No one will be denied services based on inability to pay, and discounts are available based on family size and income.

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The Cafeteria is located in the main hospital and is normally open to the general public from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Community Health Needs Assessment

2018 Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan

Astria Sunnyside Hosptial Auxiliary

The Astria Sunnyside Hosptial Auxiliary offers an Auxilary Scholarship for students interested in pursuing careers in a healthcare occupation. Qualified applicants may be awarded $1,000-$2,000. Applicants can download the required application below:

Astria Sunnyside Hospital Standard Charges

The estimates we provide are for care without complications. Actual charges may be different for specific patients due to medical condition, length of time spent in surgery or recovery, necessary specific equipment, supplies or medication, complications requiring unanticipated procedures, or other treatment ordered by the physician. When comparing charges with other hospitals or provider practices, it is important to understand that their charges may or may not include both the hospital charges and the charges for services provided by doctors or other providers. This information is not a quote or a guarantee of what the charges will be for a specific patient’s care. This charge information does not include the professional services provided by a physician, surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist, pathologist, advanced practice nurse, or other independent practitioners.

1016 Tacoma Ave.
Sunnyside, WA 98944

Phone: 509.837.1500

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