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Medical Records

Patients who have received care at any Astria Heath facility may request copies of their medical record/health information. A specific authorization currently signed and dated by the patient (or legal representative) after treatment is required before copies of the medical record can be released. Requests for medical records of recent hospital discharges will take 14 days to process.

Blank authorization forms are available by contacting the appropriate facility.

Astria Sunnyside Hospital: 509.837.1315

Astria Toppenish Hospital: 509.865.1585

Astria Regional Medical Center

Astria Regional Medical Center patients' medical records are available by:

Calling 509.576.3749

Faxing a Request to 509.575.5244

Over the next 30 days (from January 8, 2020) at the Medical Records Department located on the first floor of the St. Elizabeth's building at 900 W. Chestnut Avenue on the hospital campus

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