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When it comes to delivering a level of care that exceeds our patients' expectations, Astria Health volunteers are as important to our success as any member of our staff.

Volunteers provide a vital service in our hospital for patients, families and visitors. If working with people is your desire, we have the volunteer role for you! What you receive will be as significant as what you share. You can volunteer as little as four hours a week with service opportunities seven days a week! Join a caring team of volunteers, and allow yourself an opportunity to share your special talents and skills!

Volunteer Requirements

Our volunteers must:

  • Be interested in helping and meeting new people
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Adhere to the medical and safety regulations of the hospital, including getting a TB (PPD) skin test
  • Attend volunteer orientation
  • Commit to a minimum of six months of service

Volunteer Benefits

Our volunteers receive many benefits, including:

  • The personal satisfaction of serving the patients and families of the Yakima Valley
  • The opportunity to learn about healthcare firsthand
  • Credit for community service hours
  • Earned letters of recommendation
  • Flu shot
  • Meal coupons and cafeteria discounts
  • Résumé assistance
  • Seasonal volunteer events

Student Opportunities

If you have some interest in healthcare, but aren't yet sure whether you would like to pursue a career in this multi-faceted field, become a volunteer. These opportunities not only provide an excellent way for students to meet graduation requirements for volunteerism, but they also offer a unique insight into hospital healthcare.

Student Volunteers

Student volunteers are young adults who may be considering careers in healthcare. Students are provided opportunities to assist paid staff with a wide variety of duties in the medical departments of the hospital, allowing them to experience patient care on a firsthand basis.

Job Shadow Opportunities

By observing a caregiver in their specific occupation, participants in this program gain valuable insight into medical careers. To job shadow one of our highly qualified healthcare providers, please fill out the job shadow application.

Senior Projects

Part of graduation requirement for area high school seniors. Students may participate their junior or senior year.


This program provides an opportunity for college and tech students to complete their practicum/preceptor hours for their program of study. 

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