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The Astria Health system, headquartered in the heart of the state of Washington’s wine country in the beautiful Yakima Valley, is the largest non-profit healthcare system based in Eastern Washington. Astria Health is the parent non-profit organization of Astria Sunnyside Hospital and Astria Toppenish Hospital and delivers care throughout the Valley through its Astria Health Hospitals and its Astria Ambulatory Care model focused on delivering the highest level of ambulatory and outpatient care in convenient locations in both the Lower and Upper Yakima Valley. Astria Ambulatory Care is designed to meet the changing lifestyles and diverse needs of those living and working throughout the region.

Astria Health delivers both inpatient hospital care and emergency services, ambulatory care, and outpatient services throughout the Yakima Valley. Inpatient Hospital and Emergency care is provided at two community-focused Astria Health Hospitals; Astria Sunnyside Hospital and Astria Toppenish Hospital. Astria Health's continuum of care services include hospitals, outpatient Astria Health Centers (14 medical clinics and 24 specialty clinics), Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Astria Hearing and Speech, Astria Home Health and Hospice, and medical services customized specifically for the region and based on specific community need. The Astria Health system ensures healthcare sites and providers are conveniently located in towns and cities throughout the Region to ensure convenient access to quality healthcare at all times.

Patients living or working in the Upper Yakima Valley, including the City of Yakima and the surrounding area, continue to access care in the Astria Health network through its Astria Ambulatory Surgical Center and medical specialists located in the Astria Health Medical Plaza as well as at the Astria Health Center Multi-specialty and Diagnostics Center located on Summitview Avenue. These outpatient health centers ensure the city continues to have access to specialists and surgeons not typically found in smaller communities. They include neurosurgeons, cardiologists, general surgeons, podiatrists, orthopedists, plastic surgeons, and many others.The Astria Health Medical Plaza and the Astria Health Center Multi-specialty and Diagnostics center also provides ancillary services including laboratory, diagnostics, therapy, and advanced imaging services. These world-class specialists also support the communities of Sunnyside and Toppenish as medical staff members at Astria Sunnyside Hospital and Astria Toppenish Hospital.

Astria Health Center Primary Care with Walk-In Care clinics throughout the area increase the access to primary care for individuals and families throughout the Lower and Upper Yakima Valley. They are dedicated to the advancement of healthy communities in need of their expertise and skill.

Committed to investing in a continuum of care for the people who live and work throughout Eastern Washington, Astria Health's goal is to build sustainable, locally-based, healthcare organizations that improve health for those we serve.

Astria Health's leadership team provides the expertise, know-how, processes and resources that rural-based and local community hospitals need to ensure healthcare services are sustained in their regions. Astria Health specializes in ensuring the long-term sustainability of these valuable, yet vulnerable, healthcare delivery systems, many which are currently threatened in today's rapidly-changing healthcare environment.

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