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Cancer Care

If you or a loved one has cancer, there's no need to leave the Yakima Valley or the Sunnyside area for expert care. At Astria Sunnyside Hospital, our experienced cancer specialists provide highly advanced oncology and hematology services along with support for your emotional and spiritual needs.

Cancer Treatment Close to Home

We offer the same services you might expect to find at a large cancer hospital, but right here in Sunnyside.

Our cancer services include:

  • Cancer diagnosis. Our experts use top-of-the-line medical imaging equipment to diagnose cancer and create a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs.
  • A wide range of cancer treatments, including chemotherapy. Because chemotherapy is offered in our local infusion center, there's no need to arrange for transportation, and possibly lodging, in another city. Cancer is stressful enough. When your treatments are nearby, getting care is less disruptive to you and your family.
  • Second opinions about a cancer diagnosis or treatment plan. Cancer is a complex disease, and it makes sense to get a second opinion before moving forward with treatment. Our team can help. We offer a second opinion, and no referral is required for this service.
  • Care for cancer symptoms. Cancer can cause painful and uncomfortable symptoms—as can treatments used to help stop the disease. We can help by providing comfort care to minimize these symptoms. As with the rest of your cancer treatment plan, comfort care will be individualized so that it helps address your specific needs.
  • Blood disorder treatment. Our hematology team provides blood cancer treatment and infusion therapy for noncancerous blood disorders.
  • A cancer support group. Our cancer support group is for people with cancer, their family members and their caregivers. This group meets every third Monday at 6pm at 906 E Edison Ave in Sunnyside. The group offers a safe, private space to share stories, provide encouragement and receive support from others who've been there.
  • Follow-up care. After your cancer treatment is finished our team will still be there for you, providing the follow-up care you need to stay healthy.
  • Cancer genetic testing. Genetic testing can help you understand your risk for an inherited cancer. Our team can provide testing and help you understand the results—and what, if any, steps you should take as a result.

Our Cancer Doctor and Team

The team at the Cancer Center at Astria Sunnyside Hospital is led by Patricia Deisler, MD, who is among the best oncologists in central Washington. We're fortunate that this top cancer doctor believes that rural areas, like ours, deserve the very best in healthcare.

The team also includes registered nurses (RNs)—who have had special training in cancer care—and other specialists, such as interventional radiologists who can help with image-guided cancer diagnosis and treatments and general surgeons experience in oncology surgery.

While all our team members are highly skilled at treating cancer, they're also focused on making sure every patient's and family's emotional and spiritual needs are cared for as well.

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