Allergy Testing and Treatment Program

For 25 percent of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, allergy symptoms or allergic reactions can occur anytime in life, from infancy to old age. Allergies can be caused by particles of dust, pollen, trees, grass, pet dander, mold and other allergens in our everyday environment. When the body rallies its defense system to expel allergens, medicines can help relieve the symptoms in most cases. At Astria Health, we don't just treat the symptom, we address the root cause of your allergy.

Astria Health's allergy program offers pain-free allergy testing, diagnosis, and treatment for allergic conditions such as:

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Hayfever
  • Penicillin allergy
  • Food allergies such as dairy, fruits, or grains
  • Dog allergy or cat allergy

Our allergy tests are specially tailored to the allergens present in the Yakima Valley. These tests can determine which of the unique plants, trees and grasses present in our area are the cause of your seasonal allergies.

Testing is painless, and can be done in one visit. The allergy tests are quick, simple, and no needles are involved. We are able to identify specific allergies within 15 minutes of testing. Our trained clinicians will then order a customized prescription for the patient.

Patients can choose between sublingual immunotherapy or regular allergy shots.

Sublingual allergy drops are a small amount of liquid antigen, that are put under the tongue (sublingually) every day, and administered at home or wherever a patient may travel. Immunotherapy allows the body's immune system to build a tolerance for antigens so that over time, patients achieve better systematic relief. Oral allergy drops are natural, safe, pain-free and practically tasteless, making them a non-invasive and effective allergy solution for people of all ages.

Allergy shots, are a more conventional allergy treatment option and have been used in the United States for some time—they are also available as a treatment option.

Our care providers are motivated to help their patients find lasting allergy relief. At Astria Health, we create a care plan to manage ongoing treatment in the hopes that in a matter of years, a patient's allergies will go into remission and treatment can be stopped.

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