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Astria Toppenish Hospital Labor & Delivery Closure Date Change Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did you put Astria Toppenish Hospital on Emergent Divert Status for Labor & Delivery services?

What does Emergent Divert Status mean?

Why did you decide to move up the closure date for the Family Maternity Center in Toppenish?

How did you let patients planning to deliver at Astria Toppenish Hospital know about the divert status and the new closure date?

Did Labor & Delivery Staff at Toppenish get fired or quit their jobs?

When did you realize you didn’t have enough staff to cover the holiday weekend?

Have you heard about the Toppenish Town Hall meeting called next month?

Will Astria Health officials be attending the Town Hall meeting?

Here’s a little background about the Astria Toppenish Hospital Labor & Delivery Services Closure announcement:

Posted December 23, 2022


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