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Dr. Dave Atteberry, Astria Health Neurosurgeon, Introduces TESSYS Endoscopic Spine Surgery to Eastern Washington

Yakima, WA (Thursday, August 8, 2019) Dr. Dave Atteberry of Astria Health, performed Eastern Washington’s first endoscopic spine surgery procedure using the TESSYS 4K Endoscopic Spine Surgery System on August 1, 2019.

The TESSYS 4K Endoscopic Spine Surgery System technology has been successfully used throughout Europe and Asia for many years and in other areas of the United States, including Seattle. Dr. Atteberry is the first in Eastern Washington to perform the endoscopic spine surgery using the new technology. There are many advantages to its use. Patient advantages include:

Reduced postoperative pain
No opioids needed because less post-operative pain
Reduced likelihood of post-operative infection
Less blood loss
Faster recovery time
Minimal trauma to surrounding tissues; less scarring
Can be performed in outpatient setting for greater patient convenience
“As a neurosurgeon, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my patients’ healthcare experiences,” said Dave Atteberry, MD, MSc, Neurosurgeon, Astria Health. “I am proud that Astria Health is bringing another first to Eastern Washington with the truly revolutionary transforaminal endoscopic spine surgery system (TESSYS) technology. This is the most minimally invasive, minimally disruptive, quickest recovery back surgery available anywhere. I am pleased to now be able to provide this option to my patients.”

Dr. Dave Atteberry currently sees patients at the Astria Health Center at 6101 Summitview Avenue in Yakima (509.575.3530) and the Specialty Center Surgical Group at Astria Sunnyside Hospital in Sunnyside (509.837.7722).

Posted August 08, 2019


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