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Astria Health Accepts Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Any Medicare Supplemental Plans Patients Choose

Contact: Dawn O'Polka 509-837-1543

Dear Residents of the Yakima Valley,
Astria Health (including all Astria Health Hospitals/Astria Heart Institute, Astria Health Centers, and our Astria Health physicians and providers) accepts traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and any Medicare Supplemental plans you choose. We also accept all Employer and Medicaid Plans. As a non-profit, we feel it is our responsibility to serve every person living and working in the Yakima Valley. That was why we returned our Yakima and Toppenish hospitals from
for-profit to non-profit status.
Astria Health is a full-service healthcare organization committed to serving ALL patients regardless of insurance; Medicare, Employer Paid, or Medicaid. We believe that access to primary care physicians and providers is extremely important to your long-term health and well-being. We’re committed to bringing new physicians and programs to the communities throughout the Yakima Valley so you don’t have to travel far for care. Some of the most recent advances include those listed below:

Our over 1,700 employees living and working throughout the Yakima Valley are proud to be Astria Health. We are proud of the way they work together to improve the health and well-being of family, friends, and neighbors.
If you are looking for a primary care provider, visit us online at We will be happy to see you.
John M. Gallagher, FACHE
President and CEO
Astria Health

Posted October 10, 2018


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