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July 01, 2021

Diabetes Self-Management Education (Español)

July 01, 2021 at 06:00 PM

If you've been recently diagnosed with diabetes, the Diabetes Self-Management Education program is for you. The program is taught by a Registered Nurse and Diabetes Educator and is designed to educate and empower you to manage your diabetes and reduce your risk of stroke, heart failure and other long-term complications. Classes take place at the Astria Health Center - 812 Miller Ave., Suite B, Sunnyside.

During the program, you will learn:

  • Information about diabetes.
  • The benefits of blood sugar control and the risks of poor blood sugar control.
  • Nutrition and how to manage a diet and weight.
  • Exercise and blood sugar control.
  • Blood sugar testing and monitoring.
  • How to prevent, recognize and treat acute and chronic complications from your diabetes.
  • Foot, skin and dental care.
  • Family involvement and support.

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Diabetes Self-Management Education (Español)


812 Miller Ave.
Suite B
Sunnyside WA



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