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Cath Lab

When a person experiences the symptoms of a heart attack, "60 precious minutes" can mean the difference between life and death. It is essential to get to qualified care quickly and to remember that time is of the essence. That is one of the reasons that Astria Heart Institute and Astria Health have established cardiac experts and cardiac services, including cardiac cath labs, near to where you live and work.

Astria Heart Institute at Astria Regional Medical Center offers the Yakima Valley's only cardiac cath lab qualified for on-site surgery with world-class surgeons, trained and experienced emergency and cardiac care staff, and leading–edge technology and facilities. Consistently ranked nationally as a top cardiac care hospital, Astria Heart Institute performs all cardiac services with the benefit of cutting-edge technology. On average, cardiac patients entering the ER receive angioplasty within 60 minutes, well under the recommended time of 90 minutes. As the "door to balloon time" increases, so does the risk of irreparable damage to the heart.

Astria Heart Institute sees a high volume of cardiac patients, meaning that the staff is extremely well trained, experienced and accustomed to doing complicated cardiac procedures on a daily basis.

Astria Heart Institute has been nationally recognized as a premier heart hospital through numerous awards and accreditations. Awards include Thomson Reuters Top 100 Cardiac Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Center of Distinction for Cardiac Care, multiple Bronze, Silver, and Gold Achievement Awards from the American Heart Association, and an American College of Cardiology Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI. Because we're dedicated to patient satisfaction, we consider a cath lab satisfaction rate of 99 percent among our most important achievements.

Astria Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in the region capable of elective angioplasties and open heart surgery.

Astria Sunnyside Hospital

To meet the needs of patients throughout the Yakima Valley, the Astria Sunnyside Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art cardiac care technology, has world-class emergency room and cardiologists, both located close to where people live and work in the Sunnyside area. Cardiac patients who work during the day or into the evening often are so busy they ignore the warning signs of a heart problem. By having the Astria Sunnyside Hospital closeby and physicians and staff available and trained to diagnosis cardiac problems early to prevent further heart damage and to take care of patients who present during a cardiac emergency, lives are saved.

Fast care for cardiac emergencies

The cardiac cath lab at Astria Sunnyside Hospital is equipped with new, cutting-edge cardiac technology. This technology, combined with skilled Astria Heart Institute and emergency medicine physicians, allows Astria Health experts to treat your heart problems within minutes to ensure care is provided immediately.

Astria Sunnyside Hospital has a level 1 cardiac trauma certification indicating its ability to perform lifesaving treatments without delay.

The cardiac experts at Astria Sunnyside Hospital

The cath lab staff is highly trained, with years of cardiac cath lab experience. This compassionate team of professionals provides expert care and the help you need when faced with a possible cardiac event. If you have any questions about your procedure, the cardiac cath lab physicians, technologists, nurses and staff are happy to answer them.

Our services

Astria Sunnyside Hospital's cardiac cath lab team has experience performing a wide range of both invasive and noninvasive procedures and cardiac interventions.

Noninvasive procedures that we commonly perform include exams to check the function of your heart and blood vessels. These may include things like stress tests, vascular ultrasound, echocardiography and electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG).

The team also has expertise in pacemaker checks, which is an important part of your ongoing care if you have a heart rhythm disorder.

Invasive and cardiovascular procedures can also be done in our cardiac cath lab. This includes emergency procedures that treat heart attacks, which can be performed within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergencies aren't the only reason for heart procedures. We also do planned procedures to place stents or pacemakers.

Our doctors can also perform procedures to help treat varicose veins and other leg blood flow issues.

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