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Inpatient Behavioral Health

One in four families or 61.5 million Americans have a family member who will experience a mental illness.

Evaluation and Treatment

The inpatient behavioral health services at Astria Toppenish Hospital offer an acute short term inpatient psychiatric unit. The unit will also provide co-occurring (additional drug and alcohol) programming such as medical withdrawal management. This involves stabilizing the crises that led to hospitalization, providing a thorough evaluation, developing a treatment plan and coordinating care for their time of discharge.

Your care team will consist of professionals with specialty training in behavioral health. As a client you will receive individual and group therapy, medication management, substance counseling, and recreational therapy.

Going Home

Our care team works with the patient and their family to develop an aftercare plan. This may involve a day hospital program, a community-based program, or outpatient therapy. Our goal is to help each individual continue the progress he or she has already made during their hospital stay in a way the makes that practically possible.

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