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Healing Garden

Cancer impacts the lives of everyone it touches.

At Astria Sunnyside Hospital Cancer Center, we’re committed to providing compassionate care and resources to our patients who are fighting cancer and to their loved ones and support team. Cancer treatment is a process, and when patients are in our clinic, they can be there for hours at a time. We want our patients and their families to feel comfortable while passing the time with a beautiful environment to view or enjoy beyond the clinic walls. 

Our vision is to create a place of healing and peace. Currently, the view from our treatment rooms is of busy streets and parking lots. By beautifully landscaping the cancer center’s exterior, featuring plants, trees, flowers, benches, a fountain, and a winding brick pathway, we give our patients and their support team a beautiful place where they can find comfort, solitude, and hope for healing. The sights, sounds, and smells of a garden provide many people with a respite from their troubles and a feeling of serenity and peace, particularly during times of stress. 

We need your help to make the healing garden happen.

We’re excited to launch a fundraising campaign to build the Astria Sunnyside Hospital Cancer Center Healing Garden through the Astria Health Foundation:

Healing Garden

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A gift to the Astria Sunnyside Hospital Cancer Centers Healing Garden is a beautiful way to express your commitment to health and well-being of our community.

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