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Astria Regional Medical Center
Inpatient Rehab Unit

Taking care of rehabilitation patients in our 15-bed accredited inpatient rehabilitation center is our top priority. Our comprehensive team treats patients with stroke, brain injury, neuropathy and myopathy, cardiac disorders, multiple trauma, amputations and many other complex medical conditions.

Our unit has also been granted a Level II Trauma Designation by the State of Washington, which allows us to accept critically injured patients. We are located on the third floor of Astria Regional Medical Center with 13 private rooms and two rooms that can either be private or shared.

The benefits of the Inpatient Rehab Facility include:

  • Close medical supervision by a physician with specialized training and experience in rehabilitation and medical management
  • Immediate access to all medical testing and services offered in acute care is available
  • 24-hour rehabilitation nursing
  • Interdisciplinary team approach provided by skilled, experienced professionals, including weekly team conferences to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient
  • Discharge Planning/Placement
  • Family/Caregiver Training
  • Equipment Needs Assessment and Procurement

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