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When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is key. Early detection means finding breast cancer before it spreads, which provides the greatest possibility of successful treatment. One of the most important and effective ways to detect breast cancer early is by having an annual mammogram.

At Astria Health, we offer mammography services in multiple locations throughout the valley in Yakima, Toppenish, Sunnyside, and Prosser. See the full list of locations on the right hand side of this page. Simply click on the location nearest you to learn more and schedule your mammogram today.

Women ages 40 and older are advised to have a mammogram annually, and some women may be advised by their physician to have the test done earlier in life. Talk to your primary care physician about when to have a mammogram.

3D Mammography

At Astria Sunnyside Hospital and Astria Health Center in Prosser, we use Hologic genius 3-D mammography technology. We are the first in the Yakima Valley to offer 3-D mammography, which increases the cancer detection rate for invasive breast cancer by over 40 percent. 3-D mammography is more accurate and precise when compared to traditional 2-D mammography. CallĀ 509.837.1627 to schedule your appointment

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