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A new day is dawning over the Yakima Valley—a day where heart patients from Ellensburg to Tri-Cities can receive lifesaving cardiac care closer to home.

Whether you have a pre-existing heart condition, a new problem or a cardiac emergency, you don't need to drive far to receive the best possible care from top cardiologists who have access to the latest treatments and technologies.

Here are some of the reasons you can trust us with your heart.

Expert cardiologists

All of our cardiologists are board-certified and educated in the top universities in the nation. They are experts in managing all stages of cardiac care, including diagnosing, offering surgical and nonsurgical treatment, implanting and managing cardiac technology devices, and providing ongoing care.

We value patient interaction and offer individualized care. When you come in for an appointment, you'll see your cardiologist in person and have a chance to ask questions and talk about your needs and concerns. This personal, individualized approach to care is important to each of our cardiologists.

Learn more about our cardiologists.

A team of support specialists

Though your cardiologist will be at the center of your heart team, you'll also be able to receive care from a broad team of specialists. For example, your cardiologist may connect you with our cardiac rehabilitation specialists who can help you regain your quality of life and take steps to prevent future cardiac disease.

When you choose Regional Health, all of these services are seamlessly connected and available close to home.


Astria Heart Institute

110 S. 9th Ave.

Yakima, WA 


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Astria Health Center

6101 Summitview Ave., Suite 200

Yakima, WA


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Astria Health Center

812 Miller Ave., Suite F

Sunnyside, WA


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Astria Health Center

355 Chardonnay Ave.

Prosser, WA


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